More Historicus (March 22, 1865)

In this print, titled "Grant and his Generals," George Meade does make an appearance off to Grant's right (Library of Congress).

George Meade does appear in this print, titled “Grant and his Generals,” off to Grant’s right, next to William Sherman (Library of Congress).

In this letter Meade mentions the newspaper article by “Historicus” and the replies by a V Corps staff officer and General James Barnes. You can read those items here.

Grant is emphatically an executive man, whose only place is in the field. One object in coming here is to avoid Washington and its entourage. I intend to give him heartiest co-operation, and so far as I am able do just the same when he is present that I would do were he absent.

[Winfield Scott] Hancock is in Washington and will be down to-morrow. He was before the committee to-day. [Andrew] Humphreys has returned, having been before the committee, where he gave testimony about Gettysburg. Have you seen the article in the Herald, signed “Staff Officer, Fifth Corps,”  and one in Monday’s (yesterday’s) paper signed by General Barnes? I think Historicus after awhile will be sick of his only true and authentic account of the battle.

Meade’s correspondence taken from The Life and Letters of George Gordon Meade, Major-General United States Army, Vol. 2, (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1913), p. 182. Available via Google Books.

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