Assignment Complete (November 5, 1864)

George Meade has finished his homework assignment. I have posted the pages of his report on the Overland Campaign below. (The report appears in the Official Records, Ser. 1, Vol. XXXVI, Pt. 1, pp. 188-195.) He had a reason for feeling “a little nervous” about the result. His report on the Battle of Gettysburg had aroused the ire of several generals who felt Meade had overlooked their contributions, as recounted here.

I have at length finished my report of the campaign. It was a pretty difficult task, to recount the operations of this army for the past six months, to do anything like justice, and at the same time avoid tedious and unnecessary details. I feel a little nervous about the result, as I do not see how I am to avoid errors and giving cause for offense, particularly if I tell the truth. I have confined myself, however, to a brief narrative of the actual movements, with as few comments as possible.

Meade’s correspondence taken from The Life and Letters of George Gordon Meade, Major-General United States Army, Vol. 2, (New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1913), p. 239. Available via Google Books.

Here are the pages of Meade’s report. Click (and then click again) to get to readable size.

Meade's report, page 1.

Meade’s report, page 1.

Meade's report, page 2.

Meade’s report, page 2.

Meade's report, page 3.

Meade’s report, page 3.

Meade's report, page 4.

Meade’s report, page 4.

Meade's report, page 5.

Meade’s report, page 5.

Meade's report, page 6.

Meade’s report, page 6.

Meade's report, page 7.

Meade’s report, page 7.

Meade's report, page 8.

Meade’s report, page 8.

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